You may already have an AA

You may already have an associate degree, according to Project Win-Win, which is trying to find former students whose academic records qualify them for a degree  they never received.  Project Win-Win also hopes to persuade former students who are nine or fewer credits short of a degree to finish up.  The three-year, $1.3-million campaign was organized by the Institute for Higher Education Policy and funded by the Lumina Foundation, reports the Chronicle of Higher Education.

IHEP will work with 35 community colleges and four-year universities that offer associate degrees in Louisiana, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Institutions will examine student records to find eligible students and those who are only a few credits short.

If all colleges and universities that award associate degrees participated in Project Win-Win, we’d see at least a 12 percent increase in associate degrees, predicts Cliff Adelman, a senior associate at IHEP. 

Last year, a pilot program  in partnership with Education Trust awarded nearly 600 associate degrees at nine institutions in three states. Almost 1,600 students were identified as potential degree recipients.

Many former students are surprised to learn that they’d met the degree requirements or come close. They weren’t keeping track — and neither were the colleges they attended.

New Mexico looks for near-graduates of four-year universities to help them complete their final credits and earn a degree, reports College Puzzle.